Five Points family reunites with lost cat found 30 miles away 3 months later

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NASHVILLE, Tenn., (WKRN) — If you live in Five Points, then you might recognize Nug the cat. Owners Aftyn Behn and Chris Coleman said the feline is known to roam around the neighborhood.

On the night of June 17th, Nug and their other pets were sitting outside. When Behn and Coleman woke the next morning, they started to worry when Nug didn’t return home after a routine night prowl.

The morning of the 18th we woke up, and he’s usually he’s at the front door meowing to come in for food, he wasn’t there,” Behn said. So, they waited another day hoping Nug would show up. He never did.

“That’s when I started panicking. And Aftyn was out of town, and I put up flyers all over the neighborhood ‘lost cat with folded ears’. I spent days walking through the alleys, and he just never showed up. I put everything on the Facebook pages, the lost pets Facebook pages,” Coleman explained. “Eventually, we just gave up because we were having no luck.”

Lost poster for Nug in Five Points

Behn was extremely upset. She told News 2 she got Nug after having a major surgery in 2018. She canvassed around 150 houses looking for her four-legged family.

Two and a half months later Coleman said they thought someone found Nug.

“My next door neighbor sent me a post from the East Nashville & Inglewood Lost and Found Pets page. The cat looked a lot like Nug – he had folded ears, but was pretty beat up.”

Tips: East Nashville & Inglewood Lost and Found Pets post & Pawboost Alert

Unfortunately, Coleman said that cat wasn’t their Nug, and they continued their search on social media. Shortly after, Behn and Coleman received a true glimmer of hope on the app called Pawboost.

“In the comments to one of these posts, somebody said, well, that I think I saw a cat that looked like that, but it was pretty far away from there. And they posted a picture on Pawboost. Immediately, we were like that’s him,” Coleman said.

Nug was found at the Narrows Of The Harpeth, more than 30 miles away from Five Points. Behn and Coleman said Nug has a history of hopping into the back of UPS and Amazon trucks, and they believe that could be how he got more than 30 miles away.

Aftyn Behn and Nug

“A young UTC grad found him and brought him home. They had a cat, so they had the equipment to be prepared. Then we drove and they told us the story. So, we picked him up; we wrote them a nice thank you card; I was in tears,” said Behn.

Nug was finally reunited not only with us owners but also with his best friend, Frankie.

“They’re kind of like the Nashville Milo and Otis, as they’re affectionately called. It was so tender Frankie leaned into Nug and he was licking him all over, making sure he was okay. They love to play together, and I just think Frankie really missed Nug,” Behn said.

Behn said they’re impressed by the power of social media and compassion shown by strangers.

“The power of these community pet pages, where people take the time out of their day to create these accounts, make this posts and to pitch to their community that they want to return this cat… It just really says something about the power of the Nashville community.”

Behn said one of the first collars Nug ever wore was inscribed with ‘I’m not lost, I’m just exploring’, and that collar was returned to them just a few weeks ago. They both believe this is a good omen of things to come.

Nug’s collar returned to Aftyn and Chris

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