NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — If there’s one thing you wont forget about it’s seeing the world’s only complete dinosaur bone right here in Middle Tennessee. Earth Experience Natural History Museum is the first natural history museum in Middle Tennessee.

Executive Director Alan Brown started the museum with co-founder and Middle Tennessee Gem and Mineral society member Lewis Elrod in 2012 and opened the museum in 2014. Throughout his career, Brown has traveled all over the U.S., collected dinosaur bones from Montana and taught Earth Science at Middle Tennessee State University.

At Earth Experience, visitors can learn about dinosaur bones from T-Rex’s to Triceratops, Tennessee fossils, gemstones and even meteorite remnants. EENHM also has a few live animals including two lizards, a bearded dragon and a leopard gecko that are brand new to the museum.

“Middle Tennessee has the oldest fossils and the youngest fossils in all of Tennessee,” says museum executive director Alan Brown.

Brown says everyone that works at the museum has been on a dinosaur dig or is a geologist themselves. A sabretooth fossil was found in Tennessee and that’s how the Nashville Predators got their inspiration for their mascot.

One artifact featured on Local On 2 was the hadrosaur tail bone which is estimated to be 70 million years old. This also marks the first time the fossil has ever left the museum since being displayed.

“This is the only complete dinosaur bone on display anywhere in the world [and] that came from here in Tennessee,” said Brown.

Brown says not many dinosaur fossils have been found in Tennessee because in prehistoric times the area was underwater but it is possible for animals on land to wash out to sea becoming fossilized among marine animals.

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