• Kane Brown at Bridgestone. The “Drunk or Dreaming Tour”. Show starts at 7pm. Here’s a pic of him at our Hot Lounge at W Nashville. Sipping on a mimosa on a Friday afternoon? Yes please! 
Hot 106.7 photo of Country music singer, Kane Brown. Photo credit: Chaz Mazzota.
  • Chris Janson at The Mulehouse in Columbia. They’re shutting down their back parking lot, putting up a big stage, food trucks and more! Show starts at 8pm. 
  • Nashville Sounds Opening Weekend at First Horizon Park! First pitch is at 6:05 and they’re playing all weekend at home vs Louisville.


  • The last day for Tin Pan South is on Saturday!10 venues, 98 shows, 400+ performers! Experience music and song writing like never before in a special, unique setting. 

Music News & Hot Gossip

  • Selena Gomez and Zayn Malik are officially dating. Zayn was the lead singer of One Direction before going solo. I heard they’re not super serious or exclusive at this point. My source told me, “Zayn has known Selena for years and he’s definitely into her. She’s free to see other people, However, Zayn would love to only see Selena and see where things go.”
  • Harry Styles and Emily Ratajkowski were caught kissing last weekend by the paparazzi. Here’s the thing though, Olivia Wilde..Harry’s ex, is Emily’s friend and apparently Olivia isn’t too happy about it. I heard Emily is begging for Olivia’s forgiveness. Which brings me to this…how long do you have to wait until it’s “okay” to kiss or date your friend’s ex? Let’s discuss!