• Bryce Vine at Marathon Music Works. Show starts at 7pm. Here’s a pic you didn’t ask for of him and I hanging at the beach. I might’ve been a few daiquiris in, but don’t tell anyone. 
  • Tin Pan South starts and runs through April 1st. 10 venues, 98 shows, 400+ performers! Experience music and song writing like never before in a special, unique setting. 


  • Lewis Capaldi at Grand ‘Ole Opry House. Show starts at 7:30. Hot Hook Up Alert! You can win 2 tickets plus MEET HIM backstage if you hit up Hot 106.7 on Instagram right now! @Hot1067  (see attached for graphic) 

Motivational Monday

Okay, since my challenge of cold showers didn’t go too well, which I still say you should try at least ONE cold shower and you’ll feel great! This week we’re going to keep it simple. Simple and small, but this could have a big effect on yourself and others!! 

Smiling when you say ‘Hi!’ to people! Yup, that’s this week’s challenge. So, you know how when you’re walking down the hall at work, or strolling down the aisle at the grocery store and sometimes you lock eyes with another human? Then you both kind of give each other a courtesy, awkward nod? Or you make eye contact with someone and you look away? Try smiling when you say hi to someone! They say a “smile is the most contagious thing in the world” and I couldn’t agree more! Not just with strangers, try it when you see someone you know! It only takes a second and I promise it’ll brighten their day!  

In fact, science proves the Benefits of Smiling include:

  • Releases dopamine, serotonin and endorphins
  • Reduces Blood Pressure
  • Reduces Pain & Stress
  • and most importantly…spreads happiness!