NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Local documentary filmmakers Tom and Amanda Dyer look to tackle issues often they say discussed behind closed doors in their new film, “Unseen: How We’re Failing Parent Caregivers and Why It Matters”. The gripping documentary broaches a topic many of us don’t talk about: the struggles of parents with children who have disabilities face every day.

Tom and Amanda said often times there is a lack of resources, financial help, and community that surrounds millions of families with disabled children in the U.S., and that the filmmakers wanted to shine a spotlight on these issues.

“We just saw so many themes as we began talking to parents and realizing what challenges they were facing,” said Amanda. “We saw an opportunity for a documentary to really make an impact here and open people’s eyes to these challenges and how they could make an impact with their neighbors.”

Tom said the struggles families face was new to him and Amanda, and that they were awestruck by what they learned about in their every day lives.

“We wanted to make something that people like us are aware of these issues that these families are going through [and that they] could watch and experience what they go through on a regular basis,” said Tom.

Amanda said the film has attracted many parent caregivers and helped them feel validated in the work they do as important and valued. She said she and Tom hope the film also attracts a wider audience into learning more about these families.

“We’d also like non-caregivers, people in our community whether that’s an individual that knows a family that’s caring for a child or an adult. Or maybe you’re an employer or local business, or even law maker and the things that you do make an impact on families in our community,” said Amanda. “We hope the film opens people’s eyes to see ways that they could make small changes that would be more accommodating.”

Tom said he hopes their stories will give people more perspective into the hardships the families face and build more community opportunities for those in caregiver positions.

“They were so open to showing what goes on in their lives. It took a lot of bravery and courage,” said Tom.

You can see a screening of the film this Sunday, September 25th at 4 p.m. at Brentwood Baptist Church followed by an audience Q&A with the filmmakers and Linda Brown, Tennessee Disability Pathfinder.

To purchase tickets, go to and use code LOCALON2 to get 25% when buying tickets online.