NASHVILLE, TENN. (WKRN) — Meet three cute kittens ready to be adopted! Daisy, Rose and their mother, Flower.

Flower is 1-year-old and is so sweet and loves rubs. Her kittens Daisy, who is black and white, and Rose, who is white with black and brown stripes are all three super close. Daisy is a little bit smaller than Rose and very confident and independent. She loves cuddling with Flower and her mother, who also loves a good snuggle on a cozy lap.

They are a little shy at first, but once they get acclimated to a new home an feel safe and comfortable, they will be loving and ready to spend more time with their new owners!

Fluff Nashville rescue would love for all three to go to the same home. To learn more about these cuties and possibly adopt them, visit!