NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Meet 22-year-old Haley Pollard – a brave young woman from just outside of Clarksville.

“I have aplastic anemia, and I had to do a bone marrow transplant, and I’m recovering from it,” said Pollard. “My brother donated his bone marrow to me, and they said my body is taking really well with it.”

Haley Pollard is a guest at the Hope Lodge Nashville and shared a bit of her experience during a bingo night that Local On 2 hosted there.

Just off Charlotte Pike lives the Hope Lodge. It’s home to many cancer patients and their caretakers—where they stay for free as they receive treatment here in Nashville. But it’s so much more to the people there. “We are a family here,” said Jamie Bailey, Assistant Manager at the Hope Lodge Nashville.

The American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge provides transportation, housing, laundry, and even community activities for guests.

“As long as they’re going through treatment, whether that’s one night or one year, we are here as long as they need us,” said Bailey.

The Hope Lodge is a free place for cancer patients and their caretakers to stay at as they receive treatment in Music City. (Credit: American Cancer Society)

Whether it’s preparing meals, providing entertainment, or planning special events, the Hope Lodge is always looking for volunteers! So the Local On 2 team hosted a bingo night!

“It warms your heart to help someone else kind of get through what they’re going through—You know? Because my bad day may be someone’s good day,” Bailey said. “We just try to make sure that everyone here feels at home and feels like they’re understood, they’re seen, and if we can’t help them, someone here can. Someone can give them the comfort that they need to get through the day.”

The support is palpable—especially when it comes to the Hope Bell.

“For the person who’s ringing it, it’s them finally getting over the finish line, finally getting back to life as they know it or at least their normal,” said Bailey. “And then for the people that are still here, it is motivation.” “They did it and so can I, they can get through it, I can get through this too, and it’s going to be my turn to ring the bell eventually, so I think that is the greatest part of the building.”

To sign up to volunteer or donate to this organization, click here.