NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — It’s no secret that Nashville and Middle Tennesseans are beer fans, but did you know that Jackalope Brewing is one of the first women-founded and women-led breweries in the country? Bailey Spalding and Lisa Peterson started Jackalope Brewing in 2011.

“Being one of the first women-founded breweries in the country – it was not a goal of ours,” Bailey Spalding, the CEO & Founder said. “When we were starting the brewery it was very pure intentions of, ‘we love doing this, we think we can create something here.’”

Spalding said Jackalope Brewing started as a daydream when she was in law school.

Bailey Spalding went from practicing law to pouring lagers, making her dream of starting a brewery a reality. (Credit: Jackalope Brewing)

“To kind of think of how far we’ve come, and that it’s providing livelihoods for people and taking on other people’s dreams now too, I think that’s a really fun evolution,” Spalding said.

Jackalope Brewing recently released its very first Oktoberfest-style beer, OctoBearfest.

Jackalope Brewery recently launched its Oktoberfest-style brew, OctoBearfest. (Credit: Jackalope Brewery)

“The combination of Pilsner, Vienna, and Munich malt steals the show in terms of flavor as they help create a malty yet clean and crisp body, accented by the German Tettnang and Perle hops,” the brewery stated.

With pure maple syrup infused and finishing at 5.6% ABV, Spalding said it is perfect for filling up those steins all season long!