NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — HerMD is paving the way for how women are treated and taken care of when it comes to their medical needs.

Founder and creator of HerMD Dr. Somi Javaid MD says a huge inspiration for starting the clinic was after her mother had to be treated for a vascular disease. The diagnosis for her mother was a surprise considering she is a healthy person in her mid-40s Javaid told Local On 2.

Javaid said after the trials and errors she experienced with the health care system she wanted to make being treated by a medical professional much more of a positive experience for women.

“When I designed the space — where we are going to discuss very intimate issues — I wanted to make sure it was a beautiful space where women felt comfortable and felt heard,” said Javaid.

Providers at HerMD also have sensitivity training making it more comfortable for patients to share their medical issues. Because a lack of research and female decision makers, those issues also inspired Javaid to create HerMD where all patients she says are “a partner in your care.”

“Less than 1 percent of $200 billion spent in health care actually goes to women. There’s provider bias. [Women] wait longer, we get dismissed. If we present to the ER at the same time as a male patient, [women] wait longer for our medication. We are more likely to die of cardiovascular disease than our male counterparts,” said Javaid.

HerMD is tentatively opening December 12 and will provide annual check-ups, menopause and sexual health care, gynecological, and much more surrounding women’s health care.