NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Imagine this: a curated boutique shopping tour around Nashville – all based on your style and budget! Oh, yea! A shopper’s dream come true!

“Every experience comes with transportation which is what we’re in right now – and it includes a driver and a hostess as well. That kind of give everybody that extra level of the VIP experience,” said Angie Gleason, owner of Beve Boutiques.

If that’s not enough, deals are offered at nearly every boutique on your shopping tour!

“So that’s just an extra little perk – so our guests wear badges while they’re shopping so that the stores know that they’re with us, and when they go up to the counter, they just show that badge and they get access to those discounts,” Gleason stated.

Gleason says it’s for any age, both tourists and locals alike!

“Typically, the Gulch is a big one. Capitol View, Hillsboro Village and 12South. And sometimes we’ll go down to Hill Center and Green Hills. We haven’t been down to Franklin yet, but hopefully somebody wants to get down there and do some shopping too,” she said. “You know one thing that we do as locals – we don’t want to have to pay for parking. We don’t want to drive around and you know, some of the neighborhoods don’t have adequate parking, so that’s where transportation is a big part of it too.”

Don’t be fooled – it’s not your typical Nashville “transpo-tainment!”

“This is definitely not a party bus! The aesthetics and everything – I want everyone to feel comfortable. The primary focus of this is shopping,” Gleason said. “I wanted to make sure we did perimeter seating. That way you’re sitting across from everyone, rather than a typical shuttle bus. And then tables in the middle with cup holder. So you can bring food, set up charcuterie boards, we have a built-in cooler, so kind of take care of that. Just makes sure it comfortable where you feel like you’re in your living room with your girlfriends hanging out.”