Fourth of July fireworks could leave your furry friend upset and afraid. 

News 2 spoke with Dr. Brad Fly from Nolensville Veterinary Hospital to learn four ways to calm your dog down during fireworks:

  • Do not isolate your pet. It is important to stay with him so he doesn’t feel alone. 
  • If you have a crate-trained pet, your dog will feel most comfortable in his or her crate during the noise. 
  • Keep your pet’s favorite treats available for when he starts acting up. When giving your pet a treat, use positive words like, “good boy,” to reassure him that everything is okay.
  • If your pet has shown extreme thunderstorm or fireworks anxiety in the past, Dr. Fly suggests paying your local vet a visit to see if anti-anxiety medication is a good option. 

If you have a quiet room away from the noise, you may also want to keep your dog there to minimize his or her stress.