Healthcare Heroes: Marilyn Lloyd, Nurse

Healthcare Heroes

My wife Marilyn has been a nurse for over 40 yrs!  We moved to Nashville (Goodlettsville) in 2019 from Pennsylvania, with our 3 sons, for a better life. She has always been the rock in our family.

After each of our sons were born, she went back to work when they were 6 weeks old. I had a Barbershop in my home, so I watched the boys! If you want a haircut? You gotta hold a baby! LoL! (We lived in the country we had Amish neighbors) lol.

It was just us, no aunts, uncles, one parent, her father who was legally blind and I had a sister who was paralyzed from the chest down and both depended on needing our help. Marilyn was an Lpn at our local hospital until they were phased out.  While the LPNs were being let go, she enrolled in the RN program while still holding down a full-time job! (It was a race against time). 

I would find her in our driveway in the dead of winter sleeping in the car, with the car still in drive! She worked nights, then left work in the mornings, then go to school, did clinical at the hospital she just left, that morning.

She sacrificed seeing our boys growing up. Marilyn has missed School events, Birthdays, and holidays. She always said people don’t get sick Monday through Friday!

She worked at St Thomas west Psychiatric until it was closed. She now works for Adoration (hospice) over 40 years of caring has taken a toll on her body her knee is shot (needs a knee replacement) 

As you know, the medical field is overworked and understaffed! She sometimes cries when she leaves for work and cries when she gets home (it breaks my heart to see her like this, and there is nothing I can do).

When Covid hit, I lost my job at Prichards Distillery/Fontanel. I love her so much for what she has done for us! She is so dedicated to her job out of the love for her patients and necessity. 

A few years ago she went back to get her BSN. But covid hit! It just couldn’t be done, misinformation about paying back Sallie May, has taken its toll. (Collections). I know this letter isn’t unusual for most healthcare workers and we are not alone!  

She has given her all for her job when in reality she is now the one who needs to be cared for!  She should retire, but again she says “it will put more stress on her co-workers” and financially. That’s how dedicated she is! 

She also would kill me if she knew I was writing to you folks! LoL!! We survive with our faith and humor!! “If you don’t laugh you would cry!!” LoL 

I apologize for going on but this was just a peek of what she has done! 

Submitted by Jeff Lloyd

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