If anyone deserves to be recognized for being a Healthcare Hero, it’s our sister and friend, Kristin Thomason, of Morrison, TN. Kristin works so hard to take care of all her patients and treats them just like family, all while taking care of her two sons and making sure they have every opportunity they could want.

Kristin started in healthcare 11 years ago as a CNA. Through many years of hard work and schooling, she has risen to LPN status and is working on obtaining her RN. She has helped countless people throughout her healthcare career, making sure that they know they are valued and loved. If you are Kristin’s patient, you can be assured that she will listen to you and that she will do everything she can to make sure not only your medical needs are taken care of, but also your personal and emotional needs.

Within the last year, Kristin has brought an immense amount of joy to two special patients in long-term/nursing home care by going above and beyond what she was required to do as a nurse.

One patient expressed to her that the thing he would like most for his birthday was to see his nephew play baseball for Riverdale High School. Sure enough, Kristin made his wish come true with the help of many other colleagues and Rutherford County EMS Services. She got the patient to the game to watch his nephew, while still making sure he had the medical care he needed.

Another patient, who was in hospice care, confided in Kristin that he wished he could visit his farm to see his cows. Not only did Kristin help arrange for him to visit his farm and see the cows again, she managed to bring a calf to him at the center, so he could bottle-feed a calf again like he used to do.

There are so many other lives that have been changed by this wonderful nurse. Kristin puts such love into what she does every single shift she works. She truly has a calling for helping and caring for the sick, and her colleagues also appreciate having her as a teammate. Thank you for all you do, Kristin!

Submitted by Alison Hargrove