My wife Jennifer is pretty much the most selfless person I know on earth. From deciding to share her life with me, to deciding to share her life with our children.

She gave her (public health) career up to help raise both children, and as we know, children aren’t very easy to deal with, which is why most parents are content putting them in daycare/school while they work. She gave up her job (as a high school teacher), to teach our children, and has single-handedly raised both children to be strong girls!

I will never be able to do half as much as she does, from getting them ready every day, to creating a customized meal plan for them (both have food allergies), so reading to them, playing with them, and the list goes on.

She has learned how to take care of them whenever they get ill and nurse them both back to health within a day. I am very humbled to be married to this amazing healthcare mom!

Submitted by Lanre Adeola