I’m a respiratory therapist at Vanderbilt University Medical Center and I am primarily assigned to the Cardiovascular ICU. I have worked with many COVID patients this past (almost) 2years, but not exclusively like many of my colleagues. I started this email with the intention of shining a light on Respiratory Care as a whole as we are often referred to as nurses or techs and really get overlooked by most facilities everywhere.

But, as I started typing, the REAL hero walked past me, pushing her cart.

Ms. Janice.

Ms. Janice is part of EVS here at Vandy.

She. Is. Amazing. The patient turnover of rooms in CVICU is pretty quick compared to other units due to the amount of patients coming from the Cath Lab and OR to us.

No sooner has she got one room clean, another patient is being transferred out and that room needs to be cleaned and ready for a new one, and almost immediately.

Ms. Janice works with efficiency and thoroughness not seen in many. She is quiet, doesn’t complain (at least not that we hear :)) and no matter how many times I tell her thank you, I worry she doesn’t really understand how much her work and HOW she does it means to us all.

So. From all of us in CVICU and Respiratory Therapy, I’d like to nominate Ms. Janice of EVS the HEALTHCARE HERO!!!

Submitted by Melissa Moody, RRT-ACCS