I would like to nominate Anthony Trabue an ob at the Centennial Tri Star building. I was a high-risk pregnancy. My Wife and I had just had two miscarriages and we’re trying to have our first Girl, we have four boys.

I went through three Drs before I found a Dr that was kind, patient, and understanding. He didn’t come off as condescending or anything but like family, I never felt small because of my fears and I was adamant I would rather pass away than have a c section.

He never gave up on the subject and was also very respectful of my wishes. We had a scheduled induction the day before my Mother’s bday, who passed away when I was just 17 and we had complications during labor which forced me to choose between my life and my daughter or my selfish ways.

I freaked out yet my Wife and Dr never gave up and I finally accepted my fate had the cesarean and my daughter didn’t breathe for over 3 minutes the Nurses never gave up. I suffered severe blood loss but I made a magical recovery and I have a beautiful daughter. I owe Dr. Trabue everything for his unwavering love for his job his dedication to his patience and the ability to give stern advice and still make you feel like family.

I know Dr save lives every day but they don’t take the time to know their patients to earn their trust to do what needs to be done.

I’m a hard cookie to crack but this Dr is truly blessed by something greater than us all.

Submitted Abbey Leavitt