Hello, I wanted to write to you all to tell you about Dr. Chris Smeltzer at Old Harding Pediatrics, I hope I’m not too late! My children have seen him as their primary care physician for 14 years. In all of the 14 years, I have never seen this man in a bad mood. During the pandemic, he has maintained the same upbeat attitude. He comes into the room and gives the kids a high five. He is attentive and caring. He does not push unnecessary procedures and he never downplays any of my concerns. I have four children who get the weirdest ailments, catch the most random viruses, and have all broken at least one bone. Dr. Smeltzer is never judgemental and is always reassuring when something new has totally freaked me out. 

One Christmas, several years ago, my son was in the hospital for a six-week endocarditis treatment. I was not with him because I was at home with his older sister who was only 2 at the time. This was not a random occurrence for a normal, healthy child. My son has a severe congenital heart defect. I got a call from a random number, and it was Dr. Smeltzer calling me from Monroe Carell Jr. Children’s Hospital to let me know that my son was doing well and he was happy with his health. He has his own children and family, and he was at the children’s hospital on Christmas Day. This is only one of many examples of his dedication to his work.

I can’t put into words the amount of dedication this man displays for his patients. I will never be able to show him how much I appreciate being able to trust him with my children’s health. He has maintained the same dedication and high quality of care throughout the pandemic. Even in the face of opposition and its unfortunate consequences on the health of some children, Dr. Smeltzer never carries that mental or emotional burden from one room to the other, although I am sure it takes its toll.

The entire practice at Old Harding Pediatrics is top-notch and provides high-quality care. Throughout the years, we have seen all of the providers for random, last-minute sick visits. Dr. Chris Smeltzer is our primary pediatrician, and the first choice for sick visits, especially for my son who has the heart defect. Dr. Smeltzer truly is a healthcare hero!

Submitted by Haley Tucker