Celebrating National Dog Day 2018

Weekend Extra

Maggie, Biscuit, Riley, Axel, and Lacy!









Carlee & Cupcake

Izzie & Viola

Danny and pup

Lucy from Shelbyville

Sgt. Cooper

Sir Winston of Shelbyville

Maggie aka Magaroli


Eva G's pups

Millie Kate

"Zeke" Williams

Maggie Mae

Holly Martin's pup


Rufus & Murphy

Sunshine & Remi

Daisy Mae from Thompson Station (Photo: Stephanie Martin)

Rocky and his best friends Manny and Mork (Photo: Casey Kass)

Rocky and Caitlyn (Photo: Casey Kass)

Lucy! (Photo: Zach & Mandy Martin)

Domino! Rescued 7-years ago! (Photo: Valerie Johnson)

Daisy! Rescued 7-years ago! (Photo: Valerie Johnson)

Clifford! Rescued 5-years ago! (Photo: Valerie Johnson)

Cali & Jett! (Photo: Pammy in Murfreesboro)

My fur baby crew in Loretto! (Photo: Pat Sullivan)

(Photo: Michelle Fulk)

Harley! (Photo: Alan & Jenny Roberts in McMinnville)

Kimber! (Photo: Cathy King) 

Lexi! (Photo: Cathy King)

Sadie! (Photo: Amy Curd)

Scoutie! (Photo: Elaine Page)

Jazz! (Photo: Muff Morgan-Young)

Baby Girl! (Photo: Tommi Ann Jones)

Cpt. Jack’s not ready to wake up yet... 1-year-old wiener dog (Photo: Tom Strobel)

Patches! (Photo: James Knee)

This 8-year-old Missy and her happy face! She is a mixed breed rescue. (Photo: Kelly Gafford/Murfreesboro)

Bogey! (Photo: Janey Flora)

Rainbow! (Photo: Debra Cullen)

Happy Birthday! Charlie (Photo: Michelle Hogan)

Rainbow! (Photo: Debra Cullen)

Sophie from Nashville (Photo: Caroline Orr)

Bella-Mae! (Photo: Jeffrey Thompson)

Bella-Mae (Photo: Jeffrey Thompson)

Margot May (Photo: Matt Taylor)

Doggy Days! (Photo: Viewer submission)

Doggy Days! (Photo: Viewer submission)

Best seat in the house! (Photo: Viewer submission)

Dooley Dawg! (Photo: Mark Plunkett)

Emoji! (Photo: Nikki Parks)

Lilly and Ashe our sweet fur babies! (Photo: Shannon & Brian Stephens from Nashville) 

Louie & Stella - Stella thinks Lou makes a great seat! (Photo: Jessica Binkley)

Louie & Stella (Photo: Jessica Binkley)

Bella Buig (Photo: Viewer submission)

Faith! TBI arson accelerant detection dog (Photo: TBI, Susan Niland)

Sleeping buddies - Boomer & Bella (Photo: Viewer submission)

Oh...nothing to see here just Thor being silly in Old Hickory (Photo: Tracy DeFoor)

Tiger! (Photo: Luann Zipp)

Titan! (Photo: Mark Reavis)

Maggie & Daisy! (Photo: Peggy Cobb)

El (Photo: Michael Parziale)

Our handsome Rocky, a 1.5-year-old Bernese Mountain Dog (Photo: Kimberly Colombero)

Reggie - Nikki Burdine

Spike the boss of the Hight House! 

Peanut and Taffy - Bellevue (middle one thinks she's a dog)

Bogie the Saint Bernard in Mount Juliet

(Photo: James Robertson)

Roxy - Josh Breslow