NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — We’ve all seen the classic Christmas movies at least 100 times – A Christmas Story, White Christmas, It’s a Wonderful Life, you name it.

But what about the other, less traditional films that happen to take place during the Christmas season? Exhibit A – Mean Girls with its “Jingle Bell Rock” scene. Exhibit B – little monsters terrorizing their town on Christmas Eve in Gremlins.

The question of whether these movies – and many others – qualify as Christmas movies has been subject to much (heated) online debate.

To celebrate the holiday season in an unconventional way, Brightspeed Plans found out what nontraditional alternative Christmas movies are being sought after most, while also running a survey to see if people agree with their state’s most searched film, and how committed they are to defending their favorite unconventional Christmas film.

In Tennessee, the most sought after film is… *drum roll* … Die Hard, starring Bruce Willis who plays NYPD detective John McClane, who gets caught up in a terrorist takeover of a skyscraper in Los Angeles while visiting his estranged wife. Despite initial mixed reviews upon release, Die Hard has since been critically re-evaluated and is now considered one of the greatest action films and (sorry traditionalists) one of the best Christmas movies.

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(Source: Brightspeed Plans)

Furthermore, the study found Die Hard to be the most searched unconventional Christmas movie in the country, with 27 states Googling it most, while 52% of Brightspeed Plans’ survey participants consider Die Hard a Christmas movie.

Mean Girls came in second place, appearing as the most Googled nontraditional Christmas movie in five states. However, 52% of survey participants agreed that Mean Girls is not a Christmas movie.

Rounding out the top five are Step Brothers coming in at third place with five states, while Chronicles of Narnia and Gremlins are tied for fourth place with three states, respectively.

According to the survey, 49% of Americans agreed that Step Brothers is not a Christmas movie.

The Chronicles of Narnia comes in as a wildcard; when broken down by generation, the majority of Millennials and Gen Z believe it to be a Christmas movie, while the majority of Gen X and Boomers believe it is not a Christmas movie.

Every generation believes Gremlins is a Christmas movie, except Boomers.

Furthermore, 30% of the participants feel strongly that their favorite unconventional holiday movie is a Christmas movie and that no one will convince them otherwise; 30% of Gen Z respondents are open to being convinced otherwise, while 30% of Boomers don’t care at all, according to the survey.

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If you’re looking for fun, less serious topics to talk about at the Christmas dinner table, consider bringing up this list. However, there’s no guarantee the debates stay civil, so tread lightly.

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