Randy Travis shares ‘fighting spirit’ in new memoir ‘Forever and Ever, Amen’


Country Music Hall of Famer and Grand Ole Opry member Randy Travis is opening up in his memoir, “Forever and Ever, Amen.”

The memoir goes in-detail about everything from his troubled childhood to selling more than 25 million albums throughout his illustrious career in country music.

Travis sat hand-in-hand with his wife, Mary, to talk fighting back from a devastating stroke and his latest accomplishment.

Doctors gave Travis a 1% chance to live after his stroke in 2013. He told News 2 he thought he was going to die, but said he let his wife know he was still fighting with a squeeze of her hand and a teardrop. 

“When he flatlined –he was gone for two and a half minutes — so it was a tough time, but when we look back on it we know God was — well, one of the Oak Ridge Boys said, when they came to see Randy at the hospital […] — I’ll never forget it, ’cause he was standing at the hospital door and he said, ‘welp, I guess the devil don’t want him and God’s not ready for him,'” Mary Travis told News 2’s Stephanie Langston. “I thought that is so priceless because Randy was — he wanted to live, and it was obvious he wanted to live. He let me know he wanted to live, and it was a precious, precious moment, and here we are six years later to tell about it. You just keep fighting through things like that and Randy has that fighting spirit, always has, always will.”

While he still has a way to go, the fact that Travis can now walk, talk and even sing again, is what they are calling a ‘miracle.’

“He sings a lot. You know, sometimes you don’t see him doing that in the public, but in the car, he will sing every word to every word song. You know, we are hoping one day that that Aphasia — the block between the brain and the mouth, which they call Aphasia — which is an aftermath of the stroke. We hope someday that decides to pack up and go away, and that beautiful voice will sing to the world again,” Mary explained with tears in her eyes.

Randy follow up with a “yeah.”

The couple says faith is what has gotten them this far, but that the main message they want to spread with the book is hope. 

Travis’ memoir co-authored by Ken Abraham, “Forever and Ever, Amen,” which is named after one of his all-time greatest hits, is now available on Amazon and other retailers.

Randy and Mary Travis have more to say about hope and how Randy fought to survive his stroke. Watch the videos below and click here to watch from the News 2 app.  

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