In December, a Vermont man made national headlines for a statue he installed in his front yard and now a similar one is coming to Nashville.

Ted Pelkey had an artist make him a large sculpture of a middle finger to protest his town’s leaders who reportedly would not let him develop his land.  

The seven-foot-tall sculpture of a raised middle finger is carved from a 700-pound block of pine and perched atop a 16-foot pole. It’s even lit up at night. 

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The sculpture became a tourist attraction and the subsequent headlines caught the attention of Nashville resident Kid Rock.  

“I like your style. Thanks for getting us the info on that middle finger. I gotta have one of those somewhere on my property here in Nashville,” said Rock in a voicemail to Pelkey. 

Pekley contacted the artist and had a second sculpture made for Kid Rock.  

The sculptor and his wife are headed to Nashville to deliver it themselves.