CULLMAN, Ala (WIAT)– Like Gretchen Wilson, you may know all the words to every Ol’ Bocephus song, but do you know where the country singer’s gun is?

Alabama native and Award-winning country artist Hank Williams Jr. is offering a reward to anyone who finds his grandfather’s gun. 

The Remington 16-gauge shotgun is believed to be somewhere in the Cullman area.

Williams Jr.’s lawyer Steve Smith says the gun was lost somewhere between 1982-1985, possibly when Williams Jr. moved from Cullman, Alabama to Paris, Tennessee.

Smith says they’ve been searching for the gun ever since, but they’ve had a few hiccups.

He and the “Family Tradition” singer sent out the wrong serial number in the beginning, and they realized they were tracking the wrong gun for 10 years.

The award was originally $5000, but an additional $1000 has been added for the person that comes forward, for a total of $6,000.

With the increased reward, Smith says he’s received quite a few bogus calls.

Smith says he truly believes someone has it, and may not even realize what they have.

Or the person may realize what they have but not how much it means to Williams Jr.

“We are hoping someone has it and likes to show it off on the weekends like, ‘Hey! this is Hank’s gun!’,” says Smith.

In that case, Smith says Ol’ Bocephus is willing to give the person a brand new gun, a pair of boots, an old hat, Jim Beam apparel, Ruger apparel, or anything else.

Smith shared a Facebook post with a letter from the country singer.

Smith says the shotgun belonged to Williams Jr.’s maternal grandfather, “Grandad Sheppard”, so it has great sentimental value to Williams Jr.

Part of the letter reads, “I believe it’s in this area, and I’m willing to give the person who has it fifty $100 bills, NO QUESTIONS ASKED, no chance of criminal prosecution.”

Williams Jr. plans to give the shotgun to his youngest son and keep it in the family.

Smith says, he isn’t sure how much the gun is worth monetarily, but “it’s worth a lot more to Hank”.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Smith at 256-734-4721.