NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Country icon Garth Brooks leaned on prayer as his youngest daughter battled COVID-19.

Garth said his youngest daughter had a sore throat and is doing fine now, but they worry about what kind of impacts the virus may have in the future.

“As a parent, nobody knows what COVID is going to do in the future so you just watch over them. You pray a lot and hopefully she will come out of this thing with just that,” he said.

The virus caused a scare for the Yearwood and Brooks family. Although Garth said he hadn’t seen his daughter in the time she contracted COVID-19, Garth said her husband works in their camp every day.

“So that was the possible scare.”

Garth and Trisha ultimately tested negative for the virus. He said quarantining proved to be one of the couple’s most challenging times.

“We decided to use quarantine as a time to face everything, ’cause now you can’t leave, you can’t walk away. This is probably, you know, the blessing and the curse. This has probably been the most we’ve ever gone through as a couple, but what’s on the other side is so great especially when you are with the right one,” Garth explained.

While the bond between Garth and Trisha only grew stronger, the parents are still leaning on prayer for what might lie ahead.

“As parents like you, like me, all you do is pray your knee bones off and hopefully following the guidelines so hopefully your family doesn’t have to experience this.”