NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Since debate signage and lights have been added to the campus of Belmont University, nearby residents have treated the university much like a tourism site.

“It’s interesting,” said Kashif Graham, a voter who lives near Belmont. “It’s kind of scary to see this street all blocked off.”

News 2 asked voters as they strolled by what they want to hear from Thursday’s debate.

“I hope the rules of engagement keep it more civil,” said Bill McHale. “I’d like for the topics to be adhered to. So, they have both been given topics ahead of time. I’d like for them to address those topics whether it’s COVID or the economy or jobs.”

Others hope to see a focus on immigration.

“I’m an immigrant myself, so I have a lot of sympathy and a lot of concern for people coming into this country,” Elizabeth Williams said.

Williams also said healthcare and taxation were at the top of her list of topics she hopes to see addressed.

Kasif Graham says he will be looking for a message of transparency from both candidates.

“Truth, definitely, about what their goals are and I actually look forward to hearing what my friends think,” Graham said. “Nashville is an area where you have a lot of conservative people, a lot of liberal people, and we’re all coming together.”

While all of these voters say they’ve already decided on a candidate, McHale says it would take a major action from both parties to order to change his mind.

“I think at this point, unless we can change both candidates, I’m probably fairly decided,” McHale said. “I’d like to think that with 330 million people we could do better than these two.”

The final presidential debate airs Thursday at 8 p.m. on News 2.