Distribution Partners

WKRN,  News 2, can be viewed utilizing various outlets, including cable, satellite and phone.  The list below highlights those distribution partners that carry WKRN’s digital tier channels. Check with your provider as to the correct channel you can view WKRN digital channels.  You can also watch us on “free over the air” digital channel 2.1 (UHF Channel 27), digital channel 2.2 (MeTV), digital channel 2.3 (Justice Network) and digital channel 2.4 (Grit).

Benton County Cablevision - 731.584.2941 

Gainesboro CATV - 931.268.9612

Celina Cable Communications - 731.352.2980

Overton County Cable TV - 931.823.1114

South Central Telcom - 270.678.8281

Telco Partners

Satelite Partners

OTT Partners