HENDERSONVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN)–Take A Titan 2 School is back and we had an amazing visit at Pope John Paul II Preparatory School in Hendersonville with our winners this week, the 8th grade class. And even the school band and cheerleaders joined in on the welcoming of our Titan!

Titan’s player Wyatt Ray joined today to help with an exciting class project: a egg drop challenge! Ray and the students worked together to see who’s egg parachuted to the bottom of their drop without cracking; winner goes to the slowest, most graceful parachuted egg drop! Sadly, the Titan’s team got fourth place but had a great time working with the 8th graders.

Ray also got to hang out with the students in the gym and talk about some career advice, life lessons, and even a favorite skill of his: rapping! Fun fact: Ray is related to legendary singers Nat King Cole and Natalie Cole.

Thanks so much to our 8th grade class, Pope John Paul II Prep School and our Titan’s player for making this visit an amazing time! For more visits, visit our Titans page here and to submit your student or class for a visit, visit our contest entry page here.