FRANLIN, Tenn. (WKRN)– Take A Titan 2 School, an initiative with the Tennessee Titans is back and this week News 2 is headed to Battle Ground Academy with offensive tackle Nick Petit-Frere. Nick will be joining our winner, fourth grader Jameson Raul Frazier, in making catapults and testing them out in a competition.

Frazier and his classmates even got to show Frere a school chant and work together in the classroom on their mini catapults. In addition to a class project, Frazier got to ask the Titans player some awesome questions, including what makes a great teammate.

“‘How much do you care for the other person.’ That’s something I learned in like high school actually and a thing [our team] said. Not only as a team player but as a coach, we need coaches that care about coaches, coaches that care about players, players that care about coaches, and players that care about players. Because if you have those things, that’s how you win games and how you could win championships.”

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