Take 2: The Higgins Firm representing veterans with hearing loss linked to earplugs


Silvia: Service members from around the country have been suing the manufacturer of earplugs — saying that they were defective and causing issues such as hearing loss. I’m Silvia Castaneda here with Jim Higgins of The Higgins Firm. You are now representing a variety of people who are suing this manufacturer because of those very issues. Tell us about it.

Jim: Yes. we have several war veterans that we represent. We’re suing 3M and basically what the case is saying that these earplugs were made, they were made to protect our servicemen, yet they were too short, and they wouldn’t protect them from the sound. And so, a lot of these vets came out of the different wars and they’ve got hearing loss, they’ve got tinnitus. I have clients that have loss of balance cause there was so much damage. They had a false sense of security that these earplugs were protecting them, and they weren’t.

And what’s most disturbing about this is we’re getting into the discovery of this case, we believe 3M knew that they were defective, we knew that they were not protecting these soldiers and sold them to them anyway, made millions, so that’s really the most disturbing part of this case.

Silvia: So if there are veterans right now watching this interview thinking maybe this ties back to the issues I’m having, what should they do next? Can they contact you?

Jim: Absolutely, doesn’t cost anything. We’ll look at where they served, how long they served, we can figure out from that whether they used these defective plugs. We can talk to them about their health records. We have experts that can examine their hearing if we need to, and it doesn’t cost anything to call us. You ever won’t pay anything until we win.

Silvia: Jim thank you so much for being here and talking about this story that’s making national news.

Jim: Thank you.

Silvia: Again, if you are a veteran and feel the earplugs you were issued caused hearing loss or other hearing issues call The Higgins Firm at 1-800-745-3421 — or visit The Higgins Firm.com.

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