Take 2: The Higgins Firm on Nursing home death


Silvia: The Higgins Firm is known in part for its Nursing Home Neglect Division and the work it does representing families. I’m Silvia Castaneda here with Jim Higgins with The Higgins Firm.

Jim, you recently had a case you’d like to share with viewers. Tell us about it.

Jim: Yeah, this was a case that our Nursing Home Neglect Division handled, just a wonderful family, they had a mother that had dementia. They were active in her care and she had to go to a nursing home. But they would constantly go out there and they knew something was wrong and they were sharp enough where they started looking at medication records. What they discovered is they were medicating at this nursing home, they were medicating their mom so they wouldn’t have to take care of her. They were basically restraining her chemically with drugs that they should not have been giving her and didn’t have doctor’s orders to do so. Unfortunately, by the time they called the State of Tennessee, it had progressed so much that it was too late. They hired our office and we had a lawsuit to get them some answers. We found out a lot more. We were able to get a confidential settlement and hopefully get this family what they wanted, which was for this not to happen to somebody else’s loved one.

Silvia: So what can people learn from this case?

Jim: Stay active. I mean, this family was active, they stayed out there, they kept an eye out on their mom. They knew the administrator, they knew the nurses. You’ve got to stay active, be a part of their life.

Silvia: So, if viewers now watching have concerns about a loved one in a nursing home, can they contact you? What should they do next?

Jim: Oh, absolutely. Not everybody needs a lawyer. Not everything is a lawsuit at that point, you know. But we’re there to answer questions. If it isn’t a case that you need us for, we can get you in the right direction. If it is, it’s what we do. It doesn’t cost you anything. I’ve got fabulous lawyers, fabulous experts. All they do is work on nursing home neglect cases.

Silvia: Jim thank you so much.

Jim: Thank you.

Silvia: Again, if you are concerned about nursing home abuse or neglect of a loved one, call The Higgins Firm 1-800-745-3421 or visit TheHigginsFirm.com.

Today’s Take 2 segment was sponsored by The Higgins Firm.

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