MURFREESBORO, Tenn. (WKRN) – What does it take to get milk from the farm to your local store?  

News 2’s Silvia Castaneda spoke with MTSU Director of Farm Laboratories Matthew Wade to talk about fresh milk facts recently.  

What is the turn-around time when it comes to milk in Tennessee?  

“It takes about 48 hours for milk to leave a Tennessee dairy farm and reach your store shelves. For example, this morning we got up and picked up milk at 5 a.m. We’re processing it now, and it will be on the shelves this afternoon,” explained Wade.  

What does the best buy date mean?  

“Well, the best buy date is just a suggestion – just a date for folks to use. It’s just like a tool that you can use to check the freshness of the milk and it will generally stay in good order for five to 10 days after that date,” Wade said.   

How do you test and make sure what we’re drinking is safe?  

“Every farm is permitted and inspected just like your local restaurant would be and there’s a score there at the dairy farm just like it would be at your restaurant, so every farm is inspected, and all the milk is tested,” Wade said.   

On some milks it says, “antibiotic-free.” So, are conventional milks full of antibiotics?  

“Oh, you can be assured that all milk is antibiotic-free. All milk is tested before it ever enters the milk stream. At every plant, every tank load of milk is tested and if something were to come up that was, that we didn’t like, the milk is immediately dumped,” Wade said.  

Where can people go for reliable information when it comes to milk with myths out there? is a great place to go for milk facts,” Wade recommended. 

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