Take 2: Southern Joint Replacement Institute uses leading-edge technology


You have GPS for your car. Southern Joint Replacement Institute at Tristar Centennial Medical Center has leading-edge technology that’s similar, which is used routinely during shoulder joint replacement surgery.  

“So patients that are candidates for this surgery are patients that have bone on bone arthritis, or they have massive rotator cuff tears that don’t allow them to move their arm at all,” explained Dr. Craig Morrison.  

Dr. Morrison explained how computer navigation is used to benefit patients.  

“One of the big things in the operating room is that we cannot see everything. So, with computer navigation, we can get a CT scan, so we have the whole patient’s anatomy available to us. So, when we’re lining up the parts you can see here, we’ve got a patient’s anatomy, this is their socket that we’d be attaching something to. So, we can manipulate and see that and then when we’re placing the component. It’s essentially like a video game where you can see in real-time with your instruments lining up to the target and perfectly placing the implant,” he said.  

That custom placement provides advantages for patients.

“Early on their function improves faster so they’re going to see gains in their range of motion earlier, which I think is probably going to improve their function earlier as well. So many of the surgeons at Southern Joint Replacement educate other physicians on technology like this, not just regionally but around the globe. We’re always having to stay one step ahead of people if we’re going to be training them,” Dr. Morrison said.  

Learn if you’re a candidate for shoulder joint replacement. Call Southern Joint Replacement Institute at Tristar Centennial Medical Center now at 615-342-0038.  

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