Take 2: Southern Joint Replacement Institute uses leading-edge technology for knee replacements


Robotic-arm assisted surgery is transforming the way knee replacements are being performed in Middle Tennessee.

People suffering from chronic debilitating knee pain are benefiting from this leading-edge technology, considered standard practice, at Southern Joint Replacement Institute at Tristar Centennial Medical Center.

“For me, I do knee replacement every single day. I use the robot every single day. So, it makes me better as a surgeon,” Dr. Jeffrey Hodrick said.

Knee replacement starts with Dr. Hodrick using advanced technology to create a custom 3-D surgical plan for his patient. It’s a guide for him and the robotic arm.

“The robotic arm actually holds on to the saw blade which I control during the operation, but most importantly, we program that saw blade basically to only cut the bone in that plane. It also has a safety feature so, think of it as a forcefield. That sawblade will not escape that forcefield and that protects all the other things we don’t want to cut. And now we can concentrate on making the patient’s knee feel more like their knee was maybe 15 or 20 or 25 years ago,” Dr. Hodrick said.

That precision coupled with Dr. Hodrick’s expertise ultimately means the patient receives a knee replacement that’s a custom fit.

“I think the short-term things that I am seeing now in clinic, patients are having less inflammation seem to recover faster,” he said.

In fact, Dr. Hodrick’s now been tasked to train other surgeons on robotic-arm assisted surgery.

“I love talking about it. I love teaching uh the technique. If you have to think about your knee every day, most importantly if it keeps you from doing the things you want to do, those are the reasons why you should seek out an opinion about your knee,” he said.

Call Southern Joint Replacement Institute at Tristar Centennial Medical Center for an appointment at 615-342-0038.

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