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Advancements in knee replacement mean implants are lasting longer and feel more natural.  At Southern Joint Replacement Institute at Tristar Centennial Medical Center, you’ll find doctors who are on the leading edge of research and education, moving the advancement of implants forward.

“When I started in practice, I would tell my patients on average knees could last around ten to twelve years, that was the typical lifespan,” says Dr. DeBoer. “Knee replacements, now because of better materials, better sterilization techniques, the longevity of an implant can be as high as 20-25 years and maybe perhaps even longer.”

Knee movement, which is called knee kinematics, plays a key role in implant selection for Dr. DeBoer, a surgeon, researcher and founding member of this practice.

Dr. DeBoer wants the best type of implant for patients, “As you go up and downstairs you’re putting a great force on the knee joint to slide forward say, for example, going downstairs, having that stability on the medial side built into the implant allows the body to feel more normal and the knee to feel more normal as we descend stairs. The medial pivot knee, in my opinion, is as normal to the knee kinematic as any implant on the market and that’s why I prefer that knee. Anyone that’s a candidate for knee replacement is obviously a candidate for the medial pivot knee. I tend to use it in all my patients because I feel like it replicates more normal kinematics and feels more normal and I think gives a faster recovery for uh the knee patients.”

To learn more about medial pivotal knee replacement, call Southern Joint Replacement Institute at Tristar Centennial Medical Center now at 615-342-0038

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