Take 2: Plexaderm


Shrink under-eye bags and watch wrinkles disappear in minutes with Plexaderm.  

Lifestyle Consultant Melinda McKinsey is here with some amazing untouched video, untouched photos, showcasing Plexaderm and how it can make you look so much younger during the holidays.  

“I am so excited to be here and as you can see, we’re showing Georgine right now. They’re putting Plexaderm on her clean dry skin and as you notice in this time-lapsed video anywhere, they put it her skin looks like her skin but it looks fresher, those bags are gone, those lines and creases gone for the day,” she explained.  

And in how much time?  

“We tell you if you put Plexaderm on clean dry skin let it set for 10 minutes then you have 10 hours of usage,” said McKinsey.  

How easy it is to use and how long does it last? 

“I love that question. It’s very easy to use. You put it on clean dry skin and you just have to relax your face for 10 minutes and remember, anywhere you have issues, around the lines, the mouth, the forehead, anywhere you want your skin to look fresher and then you are good for the day.” 

She added, “Everybody still looks like who they are, but they look like what they feel like on the inside which is fresh.”  

And what about cost?  

“I love that question, too because they’ve made it affordable. That little bottle, if you put it on every single day, it’s going to last up to a month. How great is that?”  

And what is it made out of? 

“So, they use the silicus from the clay rock and that’s what creates that beautiful invisible shield so your skin still looks like your skin,” said McKinsey.   

So, it’s all-natural in a sense? 

“Yes, it is and it’s exciting because it’s condensed so a little dab will do you, use a tiny bit,” she explained.  

Special offers?  

“We’re so excited to offer 50 percent off the retail price and free shipping.”  

Call right now to get 50 percent off of Plexiderm, plus free shipping at 1-800-713-6953 or visit plexaderm.com.  

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