Take 2: PanOptix lens implant corrects vision in 3 ways


It’s the first FDA approved trifocal lens implant to correct vision in three ways. It’s called PanOptix.

Ophthalmologist Dr. Jeffery Horn of Vision for Life in Nashville was part of the clinical study evaluating this revolutionary lens implant.

“So, the PanOptix is really revolutionary. It is the first lens implant that will correct vision from sixteen inches to infinity. I was blown away by it when I saw the results in the clinical trial and I’m still blown away by it.” said Dr. Horn.

Patients who can benefit from PanOptix are those with cataracts or patients in their forties and fifties with presbyopia — trouble seeing up close — or presbyopia with astigmatism — blurred vision.

PanOptix surgery takes about five minutes.

“We simply take the human lens out, replace it with the artificial lens implant, in this case, the PanOptix, and then five minutes later they’re wheeled into the recovery room and 10 minutes later they’re on their way home,” Dr. Horn explained.

Kami, a teacher, developed cataracts and wanted to see far away plus read up close without glasses. She was the first patient to receive PanOptix with Dr. Horn after FDA approval.

“It didn’t hurt, no pain,” she said.

Dr. Horn explained, “She came in the next day she was seeing 20-20 uncorrected for distance.”

And when it came to reading up close Kami said, “I found that I was reading instead of right in front of my face. I had my Bible pulled down five inches or so and I was reading the text fine, clear as a bell, so that was amazing.”

“So, Kami’s result is very typical. That’s what makes the lens so darn good. It’s just amazing,” said Dr. Horn.

Learn if PanOptix is a good fit for you. Call Vision for Life at 615-800-2020 for an appointment to see Dr. Horn.

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