A news broadcast, an engineering project, a yoga, and mindfulness class, to cosmic bowling. These aren’t camp activities for elementary school children.

This is leading-edge curriculum coupled with innovative programs. It’s real-world learning at Metro Nashville Public Schools’ themed magnet elementary schools.

“So, what we do is we draw out their passion, and their excitement for specific things.”

Regina Etter, the Project Director of Magnet Schools and a former MNPS student is passionate about this concept and its results.

“So, we don’t do just reading, or just math but we bring it together with the science and the art the engineering, the technology we bring all of that together, so they get so much more, and the research says that’s when test scores go up and they increase.”

This rigorous, engaging, personalized instruction also empowers students to become global citizens.

“We actually tear down those barriers that keep them and prohibit them from being stronger and wiser, and we want to develop students that are able to be successful and to thrive in their environment wherever they are,” said Etter. “They can be strong leaders, they can be innovative, they can be negotiators.”

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