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Mirror Lake Recovery Center, a News 2 Perfect Health partner, is at the forefront of treating all types of substance abuse, including opioid addiction.

News 2’s Silvia Castaneda spoke with Mirror Lake Recovery Center’s Chief Executive Officer Justin Adams and Medical Director Dr. Chad Elkin recently about opioid addiction in Middle Tennessee.

“Many Tennesseans struggle with opioid abuse in Middle Tennessee whether it be prescription opioids, fentanyl use, heroin use, they’ve all become more dangerous and more accessible,” Adams said.

Silvia: Doctor, what about people taking prescription painkillers for legitimate reasons. How concerned should they be that they may become addicted?

“Sure. I like to look at it from a perspective of awareness, not fear. We don’t want people to get scared off from using their prescription opioids at home just because there’s an opioid epidemic. But we do want people to realize there are significant risks and benefits to opioids out there. Once a substance starts interfering with a person’s life whether it be their family, their relationships or their job, at that point they need to seek help. We take a customized approach at Mirror Lake Recovery Center. Each patient gets a full assessment and we look at their full history whether it be their past medical history, their psychiatric history and what other substances they’ve been on. Substance abuse is not a failure of will or of character or of strength but a medical condition that can affect any human being,” Dr. Elkin said.

If someone needs help right now, what should they do next?

“The best thing to do is to give us a call. The number is on the screen. We have staff available 24-7. They can answer questions, concerns, they can even start the admissions process,” Dr. Elkin said.

For help with substance abuse, from opioid, heroin, to fentanyl, call the experts at Mirror Lake Recovery Center now at 615-446-7034.

Today’s Take 2 segment was sponsored by Mirror Lake Recovery Center. For Take 2 segments go to WKRN.com.

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