Take 2: Law Tigers talks dangers of distracted driving


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that motorcyclists are over-represented when it comes to traffic fatalities. But there’s a Middle Tennessee law firm taking the lead on educating motorists about this very issue. 

Zeke Stout, with Law Tigers, talked to News 2 about what Law Tigers does as a practice.  

“Law Tigers is a network of motorcycle accident injury attorneys. One thing that sets us apart from others is our attorneys actually ride. They get it, they understand and if you happen to need us, they will represent you well. We get involved in the community with places like Bumpus, Sloan’s Motorcycle, or up in Nashville Boswells, America’s Motorsports, dealers all over the state and get involved deeply in the community and learn what they’re dealing with,” he explained.  

As a law practice what do you find most commonly leads to traffic accidents involving motorcyclists and what can we do as drivers to prevent that?  

“First thing is distracted driving. So, please put your phones down as you’re driving. The next thing is understanding the intricacies of a motorcycle. When that motorcycle is coming at you, it’s typically coming a little bit faster than what your brain is registering because you are used to looking at four-wheel vehicles or bigger, semi’s. Another way to mitigate the risk is teach your kids at a young age to count how many motorcycles, they see on the long trip. Make it a competition. When they reach driving age then they are trained to see motorcycles. Just remember when we are out there, we don’t have doors, we don’t have airbags, we don’t have seat belts,” he said.  

If you’ve been in a motorcycle accident and feel you need representation, call Law Tigers at 1-800-LAWTIGERS or visit LawTigers.com.  

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