Take 2: Higgins Firm talks importance of report on under-performing nursing homes


The federal government recently released a report on the nation’s underperforming nursing homes.

In Tennessee, 11 nursing homes were on that list. Jim Higgins of The Higgins Firm explains why this report important.

“We have our most vulnerable citizens – our loved ones in these nursing homes. So, when we have a consistently underperforming home, people need to know about it. People need to know their loved ones are safe and this information is crucial,” Higgins said in part.

So, what should someone do to make sure their loved one is the care of a good nursing home?

“You’ve got to go there; you’ve got to be present, and go at different times and get to know the administrator, get to know other families. You need to be there when they expect you and when they don’t expect you. The more involved you are, and that’s harder for some families, the more involved you are the safer you’re family members are going to be,” Higgins explained.

The Higgins Firm has a nursing home neglect division so when should someone contact The Higgins Firm for help?

“Sometimes they don’t always need a lawyer or a lawsuit, but they are welcomed to call us whenever. It doesn’t cost anything. If we do think you have a case that is nursing home neglect case, we take it, we don’t charge you anything until we win, and it’s what we do,” he said.

If you are concerned about nursing home abuse, or neglect of a loved one, call The Higgins Firm at 1-800-745-3421, or visit TheHigginsFirm.com.

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