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Fourroux Prosthetics does more than just provide a custom prosthesis. Like family — Fourroux believes in building relationships with patients for life.

Keith West is a culinary director for a family-owned chain of restaurants. He’s also a double amputee.  after first losing his right leg three years ago, he remembers how a Fourroux Prosthetics staff member changed his life.

“I bring all the income in for the family so for me it’s like, how do I get back out there you know? How do I do what my passion is again? And he was able to answer a lot of those questions that day and made me feel like I was sitting there talking to a friend.”

“We spend a lot of time with our patients, getting to know our patients, finding out what their needs are, developing a plan to those needs to problem solve and to allow the person to continue their daily life as independent as possible,” says Justin Haynes. “Our goal is to fabricate a prosthesis in a single day to achieve a level of comfort in a day versus three to five weeks at another practice.”

Fourroux Prosthetics is able to do that because the staff has spent years developing technology and techniques, plus they use the best materials to give each patient an unrivaled custom fit.

“At the end of the day the goal is to provide a prosthesis that is pain-free, comfortable and they’re confident every day getting up and going, getting on their feet and taking off,” says Haynes.

Call 888-810-6220 to make an appointment to have your custom prosthesis made and fitted in just one day. Free transportation is available.

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