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Silvia: The real estate market in Middle Tennessee and Southern Kentucky is hot — so what do you need to know right now when it comes to all things mortgage? I’m Silvia Castaneda here with mortgage expert Harlan Holmes of Farmington Mortgage. Thanks for being here.

Harlan: Thanks Silvia. The market is really good right now. And guys if you are looking to refinance, if you need cash for credit cards — medical bills — if you want to fix your home up — cash out is a craze right now in Middle Tennessee because the values have gone up so much in our homes – people have no idea when they call me – how much equity they have in their home. And guys if you want to do a refi — no money out of pocket — it’s a quick simple process. We offer VA — rural development, conventional, FHA loans. Rates are down right now — if you want to take advantage — it’s a good time to be looking – especially if you want to buy a house. If you’re on the fence — you’re looking at a mortgage — you want to make an investment — let me help you get pre-approved. It’s a five-minute process.

Silvia: What — five minutes — oh my gosh. Harlan: Just to get pre-approved. If I can help you give me a call — we serve all of Middle Tennessee, Southern Kentucky and Northern Alabama.

Silvia: That is awesome. So, if people have questions right now, what should they do next when it comes to questions about their mortgage?

Harlan: Very easy guys — I’m very accessible — 615-775-4446.

Silvia: Harlan, thank you so much for being here and educating our viewers about all things mortgage. I know they have learned a lot as have I so thank you for being here.

Harlan: Thanks Silvia.

Silvia: Again — to get all your mortgage questions answered call Harlan Holmes at Farming Mortgage — that number is 615-775-4446. He can talk to you about everything from a new mortgage, to cash out refinancing. Today’s Take 2 segment was sponsored by Farmington Mortgage. For Take 2 segments go to WKRN.com/Take 2.

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