Look at magnet schools assisted program schools in Metro Nashville Public Schools and you’ll find a deep commitment to elevating student learning by creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive learning environment.

“We bring in different views, different cultures, different understandings and value what each student and each family brings to us. So that’s what builds those educational environments that are culturally rich, responsive learning, relevant and so that we learn together” said Regina Etter, the Project Director of Magnet Schools.

These schools give students and parents choices on what and how students learn.

“So, we look at diversity as a way of creating something that’s unique, something that’s new, exciting, and something that allows parents to say hey, I like this themed-based instruction. I like what my child will get at an arts magnet or environmental sciences, environmental engineering, and even entrepreneurship at one of the schools.”

Parents volunteer to participate in courageous conversations to self-reflect and partner with schools to prepare their children to be successful in a diverse community.

“They learned about microaggressions they learned about implicit biases. Now they’re saying, what’s next, we want more because they’ve been made aware of what our schools should look like and could look like,” said Etter.

Everything focused on student learning is based on research conducted by Magnet Schools of America.

“Being aware of the research allows us to offer students and families the best of the best. So, the GPA, it’ll go up,” said Etter.

What also goes up, is student interest in what it takes to be a global citizen.

“We give them the what, the how, and we know the why, so that eventually, they will be strong, they will be leaders, they will be competent and confident.”

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