Felix Homes, a tech-enabled real estate brokerage that’s taking the stress out of selling your home

Now Felix Homes launched in Nashville and is already making an impact in Middle Tennessee with all the unique services that you all offer. Talk to us about one of those called the Felix Flat Fee.

CEO of Felix Homes Tyler Forte: Felix is founded on three principles, getting folks the highest price for their home in the shortest amount of time with absolutely no hassle. Now Felix Flat Fee was designed specifically for homeowners in mind. It’s $3,500 no matter the price of the home, and better yet, if you are a veteran or active duty military, we’ll waive that fee completely.

News 2’S Silvia Castaneda: That is awesome. Now, what about that six percent fee that we always hear agents talking about.

Tyler: You can kiss that good-bye.

Silvia: And save that money, right folks?

Tyler: Absolutely.

Silvia: So then tell me if you’re listing a home, let’s say like the one we’re in today, is there anything Felix does different than what other traditional agents do when marketing it?

Tyler: So when it comes to marketing we’ll do everything a traditional agent may do. But we’ll also market it on let’s say Instagram, the car app WAZE really to get as many buyers interest as possible.

Silvia: That’s pretty cool. What about pricing the home? How do you price it, so it moves quickly?

Tyler: Pricing is so important. So, we’ve actually partnered with the leading valuation company in the entire country. They use data and analytics to accurately value your home, so we get a lot of buyers interested.

Silvia: So, if viewers right now are watching and say, ‘hey, what is my home worth?’ can you help them with that?

Tyler: Oh absolutely. All they have to do is go to Felix Homes.com, they can get a free valuation report and they can also speak to our home selling expert.

Silvia: Free, who does not like something for free, right? So, thanks so much for educating our viewers on what they can do to sell their home and save some money,

Tyler: Thank you.

Silvia: So, visit Felix Homes.com now for a free home valuation report and learn more about the $3,500 listing fee call the Felix Flat Fee, an alternative to the traditional six-percent listing fee.

Felix waves that flat fee for veterans and active duty military. Today’s Take 2 segment was sponsored by Felix Homes. For Take 2 segments go to WKRN.com forward slash Take 2.