News 2 highlights Boston Scientific, ‘Advancing science for life’ and prostate cancer screening work with Urology Associates in Nashville.

Prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in men. In fact research finds that one in eight men will be diagnosed in their lifetime.

Urologist Dr. Alberic Rogman of Urology Associates in Nashville details more about a revolutionary new product that’s being used during prostate cancer treatment that’s changing lives.

“Absolutely, this is the SpaceOAR, which essentially is a molecule that you inject between the prostate and the rectum to decrease the side effects of radiation,” said Rogman. “So this is actually made 97 percent water and then three percent polyethylene glycol and that’s actually a binder that’s used in a lot of gel caps, common medications.”

Rogman says once implanted, the product dissolves about 6 months later after an individual has undergone radiation treatment. He says the importance of the product is to increase space in between the rectum and surrounding organs that can be avoided from radiation exposure.

“Studies have shown that when we get the gel, people are eight times less likely to have side effects such as rectal toxicity, sexual side effects as well as urinary difficulties,” said Rogman. “Prostate cancer is a very scary diagnosis. There’s a lot of different treatment options out there and it can be very overwhelming. But I would encourage them to make an appointment so we can discuss a bit more details and see if they are a good candidate for SpaceOAR Hydrogel.

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