Silvia: Many of us are thinking about our upcoming summer vacations — but there are Middle Tennessee families right now thinking — how am I going to feed my kids this summer? One in five children in Middle Tennessee goes hungry. But now there’s an easy way for you to help. I’m Silvia Castaneda — and in the studio with me today — Mark Duke and Cody Duke with Apex Moving & Storage. They’re here to talk about a very special program to help end summer hunger. Thanks for being here.

Mark: Thanks for having us.

Silvia: Mark let’s start with you. Talk to us about giving back. We normally give back during the holidays — but do you know there’s a real need to give back now — why?

Mark: That’s right Silvia. When school lets out for the summer– the cafeteria closes. Kids lose access to the school meals they depend on each school day. So, then parents are left struggling to provide extra food during those summer months. That’s why this time of the year is considered the hungriest season.

Silvia: Cody, how is Apex Moving and Storage then helping to end summer hunger?

Cody: Apex Moving has a passion for fighting hunger, so we’re teaming up with Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee through our Move For Hunger Food Drive this summer. We know how generous customers are – so we’re making it easy for you to donate while we move you. Our movers will collect non-perishable food donations during your move with us and take it to Second Harvest for you. We’ve got a list up on the screen of all the non-perishable food items we’re happy to collect. It’s neighbors helping neighbors fight summer hunger to feed families in need.

Silvia: Gentlemen, thanks so much for sharing this important information. What a great way to have our folks at home team up with Apex Moving and Storage to help end summer hunger. Thanks for being here.

Silvia: Remember — you can help make it a hunger-free summer by partnering with Apex Moving & Storage — all part of the Move for Hunger Food Drive here in Middle Tennessee. For more information on a Hunger-Free Summer — you can just visit

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