NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — One woman, with a clear vision.

“I’ve always had a passion for helping people. It’s always been a thing of mine,” DeAvion Trotter said. “This is my own thing to call mine that I can help in my own way.”

Trotter spotted people in need and she didn’t hesitate, she stepped up.

“I was driving one day, and I see this homeless community over here by this Walmart,” Trotter explained. “It was just like, full of tents. It was cold and people were literally asking for stuff. I was a college student, just moved into my first apartment, barely had a job or anything. But I had made sandwiches; I had my friend help me make like 50 sandwiches and had chips, snacks and stuff. And that was the start of it.”

Trotter, a Michigan native, was in school at Tennessee State University when she started For the People in 2018, a grassroots homeless outreach effort she operates and funds. Over the past year, she started asking for donations and friends have helped with distribution.

“Now we’re able to give away socks, clothing, food, water and snacks,” Trotter said. “I was able for the past two years, I did hot meals.”

Thanks to donations, this past holiday season, Trotter was able to exceed her goal and feed 160 people a hot meal, including chicken alfredo from scratch.

“The alfredo meal did take me like two days. I cooked the chicken the night before, and I made them a homemade sauce and everything because I have a passion for cooking, too. So I just kind of incorporated (that) just to give my love to them. I really feel like it’s genuine.”

A group of friends came over to help pack bags of essentials with notes of affirmation. Then on December 18th, it was time to make deliveries all across Nashville.

“They’re really appreciative of it, which makes me want to give more and do more and try and help, because sometimes they even tell you their background story,” Trotter said. “You’re able to see life in a different perspective and realize how grateful you are to have what you have today, no matter what goes on in your everyday life.”

Trotter has a full-time job in the medical industry and owns her own hair care business, but she has plans to expand For the People to a year-round operation, in multiple locations.

“I want to actually go back home to my hometown and do the same thing there, because I feel like it will unite, bring my community together,” Trotter said. “If I can have a positive impact on somebody’s life every day, honestly, if I could do this every day, I would.”