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Sasha – 1 year old spayed dog

Meet Sasha! This one year old medium sized dog has lots of love and energy to give a family. She is young and sweet and dog friendly and loves to play. She is affectionate and is smart as a whip. Email

Jarrahdale – 10 month old neutered male

Meet Jarrahdale! This 10 month old puppy is sweet and affectionate and looking for a family. He was found roaming with this sister who he loved very much. He likes treats and seems to learn quickly. Email

Lola – 5 year old spayed female dog

Meet the gorgeous 5 year old Lola! She walks nicely on a leash and is a bit shy at first – but she eventually will start playing with Toys and soliciting attention. She loves scratches under chin and laying in laps. She greets people with tail wags and licks and loves tennis balls! Email to meet her.

Abe – 1 year old neutered male dog

Abe is a quick study! After one session on the leash he started to walk beside me. He knows sit, but still needs a little work in obedience training. He seems potty trained, no real accidents in the house and we take him out when he goes to the door. He’s very quiet, but he does seem to get a little nervous when you leave the room. He just loves people so much! Crate training is going slowly but surely. He has some puppy habits that also need to be worked on but nothing out of the ordinary that a little patience and training can’t fix. He has zero aggressions that we’ve seen- he shares his toys with our dog, plays well, and isn’t weird about us picking up his food/water bowl. Email

Kit, 11 week old spayed kitten

Kit is a playful, active kitten who is friendly and welcoming of human interaction. Her foster humans have enjoyed playing with her and being entertained by her curious antics. Email

Rostov, 10 week old neutered male kitten

Meet Rostov. This handsome tuxedo kitten was named after the main character in the book, A Gentleman in Moscow, and he lives up to his namesake. A true modern gentleman, Rostov loves writing (or at least batting pens around the floor), is always ready for adventure, appreciates a fine meal (his favorite is Fancy Feast chicken paté), and enjoys being around people. He starts purring immediately when someone walks into the room and will politely demand lots of cuddles and pets. After getting some love, he’s ready to play! Email

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