Pets of the Week for June 29, 2021

Pet Of The Week

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Looking for a new pet? Check out Nashville’s News 2’s “Pets of the Week” segment every Tuesday on Good Morning Nashville.

Big Red – 3 year old neutered dog

Meet Big Red! This gorgeous 3 year old boy recently went on a bowwow breakout to Radnor Lake with a volunteer and he LOVED it! He was a great car guest, a great leash walker, and wanted to say hello to everyone. He is a sweet dog that likes to play and also to relax. Email to adopt this guy or come visit us and meet him!

Alfred – 4 year old neutered dog

Alfred is an active, 4 year old neutered, very playful, affectionate gentleman! There is nowhere this guy goes and doesn’t make friends! He loves kids and gets along with dogs, but may be slightly selective with who he shares his doggy bed with. Alfred loves to be held and loved on and he will let you know when it has been too long between snuggle sessions! His adoption fee has been sponsored.

Freddy – 3 year old neutered dog

Looking for the perfect boyfriend? He’s 3 year old and the perfect medium size! Here’s Freddy! Volunteers say Freddy is handsome, showers you with kisses, loves to cuddle in your lap, and won’t let you forget to give him belly rubs. He even knows sit and gently takes treats. He is Da Best!!

Thomas – 3 year old neutered dog

Sweet Thomas is a bit on the shy side. He was seen as a stray for months before a Good Samaritan was able to earn his trust and catch him. He has a calm demeanor and walks easily on leash for volunteers. He loves pupperoni and pets. Email to adopt him, or just come to the shelter when we are open.

Cici – 2 year old spayed cat

Cici is a gentle girl who loves chin scratches and offers a purr when you hit just the right spot. She loves to have the side of her face rubbed, and will roll over for you to show you how happy she is! She is a little shy and would do best in a home with a pet parent who would spend lots of time with her!

Sophie – 3 year old spayed cat

Sophie is the absolute life of the party. She has the funniest meow (almost like a baby dinosaur!) and is so playful & fun. If you ever wanted a cat that was basically half puppy – Sophie is your girl. She will follow you around the room at your heels, making sure you don’t forget she’s there and begging to be held or petted! Not only is she beautiful, but she has the softest fur on earth. When she is not at your heels, she can be found in her window perch keeping an eye on all of the birds, or silently judging you through the door of Kitty Korner.

Dover – 6 year old neutered dog

A message from Dover’s foster mom:
I adore this silly boy. Dover is the sweetest 55lb lap dog you’ll ever meet. He’s 4-5 years old and is a nice marriage of puppy zoomies mixed with hours of uninterrupted old man snores. He loves chew toys but has never chomped on his any of his foster’s shoes or plants like some pups. He spent some time early in fostering learning that his crate is a safe space, and he will relax on the bed in his crate while you watch TV (maybe checking first that you don’t want him to snuggle you on the couch). He has recently graduated from sleeping in his kennel to snoozing the night away on the spare dog bed. He knows sit, shake, lay down, and most importantly STAY as you put down his food bowl or let him back inside the house. Regardless of him sitting before, he still sprints back into the house happy to be back in your company. For this reason, families with school aged/older children might be best for Dover. He’s learning his leash manners and wants to meet other dogs on his walks. He communicates this with barks that other dogs can sometimes find a little intimidating. He needs someone committed to being in charge and correcting him to become a steady, docile walker. Dover gets along really well with my resident dog. They vie a bit for attention with Dover sitting on the poor pup’s head if he thinks he’s getting too much attention. He’d be great as an only dog, but I think he likes having buds to wrestle. Not sure how he is with cats, but meetings are certainly in order if you’re interested and have other pets. Email

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