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Pets of the Week for July 16, 2018

Looking for a new pet? Check out Nashville's News 2's "Pet of the Week" segment every Tuesday on Good Morning Nashville.


This is Carlos! Through no fault of his own, he ended up in a shelter. Carlos is already out of the puppy age but still needs mental and physical stimulation to maintain his physical wellbeing. Carlos came to us as a stray and was timid when he got here; but with the help of our enrichment, he came out of his timid nature. Carlos is a medium energy dog and he is waiting for that special person. 


This lady right here is the definition of a true lady dog. All she wants is toys, walks, dog park, school (Obedience school), treats, cuddle, watch Netflix, and also be your best friend. If you are that family or person looking for a true friend in life, just take this lady home and you will never regret it. 


Hi everyone, my name is Rob. I was found as a stray and I am happy nothing bad happened to me before I was brought to the shelter. I am so excited that I made it to the adoption floor and now I am looking for my forever home. I am happy here but I have over heard someone talking about forever home, and how you get your own private bed, toys and how quiet it is. Besides, vacating my current kennel means another stray dog would have the chance to be displayed on the adoption floor. My potential forever mummy, daddy or friend, what are you waiting for?


Heather the cat here! This cat is no longer in the crazy kitten stage so she is going to benefit from lots of playtime, toys and cuddling. This will enable her to be the best companion that she can be. If you take this sweet cat home, she will reward you with lots of purrs and snuggle time. 

Princess Peach--8-years-old--Female

She is a shy cat but likes when you pet her. She came to us as a stray and she is not asking for too much. She is looking for a family or a person that will love her for who she is. If you are that wonderful family or person, come in today to speak with an adoption counselor. 

Check out Nashville's News 2's "Pet of the Week" segment every Tuesday on Good Morning Nashville.

Click here to view a slideshow of available pets. Metro Animal Care and Control is located at 5125 Harding Place. Click here for more. 

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