Pet Doc with Nikki Burdine: What’s the perfect dog breed if you have children?

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Nikki Burdine: Are you wondering what kind of breed is the best dog if you have children? That’s our question for Dr. Staci Cannon with Metro Animal Care and Control. I think this might be a trick question. 

Dr.Cannon:  That’s a tough question for sure.  So, there are lots of different dog breeds. Everybody is really familiar with some. People have their favorites, dogs we have spent a lot of time with and we’ve grown up with certain breeds.  Really, every dog is an individual.  One golden retriever is not like every other golden retriever.  There are certain dogs that might be a little lower energy, they have more patience for small children.  But there is just not a blanket recommendation we can make that says “this dog is going to be perfect with your kids”.  

So really the best case scenario, when you are looking to add a dog to your family, is to find out that dog’s history.  You know, if it’s lived with children before, how it does around children, but then also being able to see how the dog interacts with your kids. 

And always, always supervise our young kids with our dogs. That’s the best way to make sure our dogs are safe and our children are safe.  

Dogs use a lot of body language to communicate how they are feeling.  It’s a good idea to kind of watch those dogs around kids.  A dog that is maybe really fearful is probably less comfortable around children because they have sporadic movements and make loud noises and those can be frightening to our pets.  So being able to supervise our kids around dogs is the best case scenario for everybody.

Nikki:  It’s also important to teach our kids how to interact with dogs, how to slowly approach and not to run straight up to them with their hands out right? 

Dr. Cannon:  Absolutely, you are absolutely right.  

Nikki:  And you know what – MACC does something wonderful here. You can stop by with your kids, interact with the dogs, you can even take them out for the day, no questions asked to see how they do with your family and if it’s a perfect fit, you get to adopt that dog. So, stop by MACC and then you can find the perfect dog for your family, because there is no perfect breed, they are all perfect, right?

Dr. Cannon:  That’s right!  

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